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Memorial Hall

​Born the eldest son of an udon shop "Awa Ko" in Toba, Kokichi's checkered life and achievements up to his death at the age of 96 are told in chronological order through numerous photographs, actual objects, and explanatory panels.


Koukichi Birthplace
"Awa Ko"

Another major theme of the museum is its relationship with its hometown: the restoration of "Awa Sachi," the house of his birth, the footprints of Kokichi that remain in Toba, and a diorama that shows at a glance what Toba was like in those days.


Spent the last years of his life

​The "Shinjukaku" still stands today in a perfect location overlooking Ago Bay, and bears the nameplate of "Kokichi Mikimoto. The inside of the Masyukaku is reproduced here, and a number of relics, including his favorite daily items and collections, convey Kokichi's unique philosophy of life and lifestyle.

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