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Cherish each encounter

Founder Kokichi Mikimoto.

Kokichi Mikimoto was fascinated by pearls and devoted his life to them.

The place where you took the first step towards your dream.

He boasts that he wants to decorate the necks of women all over the world with pearls, and through pearls,

Inheriting the spirit of our founder's desire to contribute to the prosperity of our hometown and the private diplomacy of people visiting from all over the world, we welcome our customers by valuing each and every encounter.

Would you like to work with us to make pearls, a symbol of peace and happiness, shine to the world?

I am ☐☐☐☐☐

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Staff introduction






Business content

・Counter operations・Sales operations・Guidance operations

・Planning and publicity work ・General affairs related work ・Ama demonstrations

・Restaurant operations (hall staff, kitchen staff)

​・Public relations work (knowledge and experience in media relations, programming, etc. is a plus)

・Customer service (entrance staff, shop staff, museum floor attendants, etc.)


Here is​​General affairs department, sales department, sales department, corporate planning office, etc.

It may be okay to have general items.

Application Requirements

New graduate recruitment

Recruitment type:customer service,restaurant business
SalaryGive:Big Graduation180,000Yen (including qualification allowance)
      Junior college graduate 170,000 yen(〃)
Graduate 161,600 yen (〃)

I will write down the items that are required to be listed by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
I'm not sure if it's required on your website, but
​If you are recruiting on the website
I think it would be safer to combine it with other companies.

・Employment type (full-time employee, contract employee, part-time employee, temporary worker, contract employee, etc.)

・Working hours (including whether there is overtime)
・Holidays, etc. (two-day week, special leave, paid leave system, etc.)
・Wage (wage form, amount, raise, bonus, various allowances, etc.)
・Work location (work location, whether or not there is a transfer, etc.)
​・Availability of various insurances

​Students and part-time workers are also welcome! Hourly wage: 973 yen~
People who are raising children are also welcome!
You can start from 1 day a week. Approximately 3 hours a day - up to full time
Please consult with us.


(0599) 25-2028


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